Thursday, 31 January 2013

Visual Impact Muscle Building Scam<=Working-Out With Friends=>

Today I would like to have between us welcome participant bodybuilding competition Ales Burbank who attended a recent Championship Moravia and Silesia junior bodybuilding 2012th

Alex underwent a 15-week training, which included intensive training in the gym, morning cardie on an empty stomach, and of course the constant preparation precisely structured visual impact muscle diet.

So let's get to the interview, in which Alex tells us what it looks like backstage preparing for look weird but would bodybuilding competition!

Attention please: Visual Impact for teenagers from 12 to 15 years

I would start first by what ever led you to take part in such competitions? Such things affect you lots and 15 weeks is not exactly short.

If you have any idea in me was born about a year ago. But it still was not anything specific, just that I wanted to build one competitive stage this year, all the thoughts and desires matured and I went to try it. Goal was to collect experience, but put everything into it and not make a scandal now click here

But you're certainly right. Man it will bring a lot of experience. What specifically was for you in preparation for the most difficult?

Gym, getting up in the morning cardie, diet preparation ahead of or compliance with supplementation

There's no easy answer. The whole preparation into each other so fits the man himself really knows what is the hardest. Completely the most important thing is to have a strong will and endure to the end.

Every day it gets worse and worse. Evening aloha to bed and you're happy that you survived another day

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Visual Impact Muscle Building - Slimmer Commando Training With A Chair!

Do you want to strengthen the body, burn lots of calories in an entertaining way, build fitness, all in the comfort of your home? Then there's another part of you offers a six month our commandos. This time, circuit training workout with a "warrior" Veronica, who prepared special exercises with a chair. You'll be amazed at what you can do with this tool!

To strengthen the whole body you do not need to toil hard on special expensive machines. Richly you to do simple enough chairs, you have at home. A or two. As a full-body workout, including stretching, showed us a world class trainer from Veronika Tisha. Work out visual impact muscle too according to today's video:

Why work out in a chair
"This is a special training that makes you fast in shape," says Veronika. In addition, however, will strengthen the whole body, which is the loss of weight is very important. Although at first glance seem simple exercises, I also found out that it is not fun. The next day I felt every muscle in the body. When you are not breathing enough, take a quiet minute break. There is no purpose to kill off right at the beginning. These are training with higher intensity, so you get rid of more calories if you exercise honestly. Other advantages:

you will be stronger
reduce weight

improve cardiovascular (aerobic endurance).
Types of exercises: beginner versus advanced
It is a circular training. What it is, we explained in previous work here . Veronika prepared five exercises that are repeated in 3 rounds. "Beginners can enjoy after each round of 30-60 seconds break. If you are an advanced exerciser, watch it without pause, "says trainer. Alternate exercises for the lower and upper body, without intermission. Unless you need, and give yourself a break between exercises about 15 to 30 seconds. Intensity increase the contrast by adding reps, adding the number of rounds, reducing or completely avoiding breaks between exercises and rounds.

Today, we train
"Fighter" - Veronika Tisha

Twenty-eight Veronika boasts a degree in fitness from Australia. It is very active. Leads hours Pilates, flowing, TAX, Boru, and functional training. She loves tango and African dance. Her hobbies include traveling, reading philosophical books and recently devoted alkaline and acidic diet. Is a professional trainer in the fitness center World Class.

What to watch
Warm-up and warm-up

The aim is to gradually raise the heart rate, warm the body, muscles, joints and prepare for subsequent loads. The body gets rid of all the tension. Definitely drop in the actual workout without without that part. In imitation of rope must be fixed and belly relaxed. The exercise called climber, try to keep the downloaded shoulders, keep your back straight, keep an eye fixed center of the body, and then alternately pull the knees to the chest. "When this exercise is to stabilize the pectoral and shoulder muscles and triceps work and there is a comprehensive click here engagement center of the body," says Veronika Tisha.


Squats. U squats, make sure that the feet were spread out to the width of the hips. Weight is on my heels. When sitting lightly tap ass on the chair, and immediately turn smoothly lift up. On the down inhale and exhale up. Keep your back straight, shoulders down, Brace and pen belly up. Your knees should be above tips.

Handles. U clicks when occupy pectoral muscles, you should have two chairs. Prepare, therefore, one more in advance. For this exercise, the feet should be shoulder width apart for better stability. Have downloaded shoulders, wrists under shoulders, tight chest, belly and reduce the gap between the chairs. For beginners it is sufficient if they make half click. Throughout Keep shoulders down, keep your back straight and abdomen bevy strutter up. When the handle should not draw the shoulder blades together.

Outputs. went on one chair, the other on the ground. Definitely connect the arm. But let your shoulders relaxed. As you move up and down the exhale breath. Upon impact, slightly stand-up landing and is reflected from the tip. Be careful not to let his weight fall on foot, the hip overwhelming you!

Triceps pushups . Place the palms on the edge of the chair. The arms pointing downward, elbows back and back are straight. With a hint, go back down and hold the edge of the chair. At a stroke, you must not move away from the chair back.

Cristi Cross. Sit on the edge of the chair. Keep the tip on the ground, heel raised, shoulders back and hold downloaded straight. With the exhale pull the elbow to the opposite knee. With each movement there is a rotation in the back and you should feel involved oblique abdominal muscles. Keep your back straight.