Thursday, 31 January 2013

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Today I would like to have between us welcome participant bodybuilding competition Ales Burbank who attended a recent Championship Moravia and Silesia junior bodybuilding 2012th

Alex underwent a 15-week training, which included intensive training in the gym, morning cardie on an empty stomach, and of course the constant preparation precisely structured visual impact muscle diet.

So let's get to the interview, in which Alex tells us what it looks like backstage preparing for look weird but would bodybuilding competition!

Attention please: Visual Impact for teenagers from 12 to 15 years

I would start first by what ever led you to take part in such competitions? Such things affect you lots and 15 weeks is not exactly short.

If you have any idea in me was born about a year ago. But it still was not anything specific, just that I wanted to build one competitive stage this year, all the thoughts and desires matured and I went to try it. Goal was to collect experience, but put everything into it and not make a scandal now click here

But you're certainly right. Man it will bring a lot of experience. What specifically was for you in preparation for the most difficult?

Gym, getting up in the morning cardie, diet preparation ahead of or compliance with supplementation

There's no easy answer. The whole preparation into each other so fits the man himself really knows what is the hardest. Completely the most important thing is to have a strong will and endure to the end.

Every day it gets worse and worse. Evening aloha to bed and you're happy that you survived another day

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